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If you stand for nothing
    do not question the day
           THEY come for you
and no one says a word.
    From a self-righteous nothing,
    can be expected.
    For it is the nature of the nothing
    to do nothing
at all.
    for those who believe in him for no real reason.
do not hate the
For He knows no better.
    Hate the fact that you
    could have done
          something, but you
    Preferred the safe
    And now,
:iconzanaris:Zanaris 4 5
Father Of Mine
  Dear father of mine we’ve grown so far apart
We never really did get each other,
Why did you break me and mommy’s heart?
  Remember when you went to rehab?
Remember when you came back drunk?
Remember when you beat poor mom,
and how she begged for you to stop?
  Remember when you cried that night,
And promised you would change?
I remember when I realized,
That you would always be the same…
  With a beer in your hand
A glazed look in your eyes,
Sometimes I would just ask god,
-Please make daddy die…-
  I remember when mommy sat me down,
She couldn’t breathe from all the crying
-Papi has cancer Daniel, your fathers dying-
I jumped up from the sofa and screamed “You know he’s lying!”
  But…for once you told the truth.
The doctor’s showed me all the proof.
Why was I so damn cold, why was it so hard for me to get??
I was losing you my one and only dad, with every painful breath
:iconzanaris:Zanaris 20 65
20 Sided Love by Zanaris 20 Sided Love :iconzanaris:Zanaris 7 30
Idiot Poet
Idiot Poet
I’ll write you a poem and denounce my love of lies.
I’ll speak nothing less then the truth and allow my words to fly.
Your idiot poet,
Hopeless romantic,
Son of the English somatic,
You’ll lose your fear in a lovely sonnet,
I’ll love you with verse and rhyme,
Break you down with a gothic lament,
Be my female Gilgamesh, in a stunning epic.
I’ll be your Cid,
I’ll be your Quixote,
For you I’ll be Dante in this Greek tragic,
You make me feel nothing less then fantastic.
My beautiful artist,
This is your idiot poet,
Lost in the moment.
If this is a dream we shall not wake,
Reject reality with all your being,
Let our paths converge in the written word,
Love these simple verbs and know, you’re my one true.
This is your idiot poet,
Not sure how he wrote this.
Hopefully everyone one day will get us,
And if not then fuck it…
You're worth all this.
My beautiful artist,
Hopeless romantic,
Close your eyes,
Smile wide,
And know how much I meant
:iconzanaris:Zanaris 11 44
My Dearest Emo Girl
To my dearest Emo girl
I’ve fallen in love with girls like you a thousand times
Same hair, same lips, same played out moves
Same sob stories of how you’ve been used.
Same smell
Same taste, same way you move those hips
You’re the perfect example of being full of shit.
You weren’t always like that
My sad scene girl.
My wanna be emo girl.
All those cuts on your wrist,
Slave to your razor blades’ kiss
Let’s sit down and listen to some bad music
It’s about time that you hear this
Do you think you and your clones can take this?
Pierced lips, queer taste, colorized foolishness,
God I wish I could beat you with a pair of Converse®
The whining and the bitching just makes it worst.
Its time you had your pretty fucking bubble burst
You weren’t always like this
Damn sad scene girl.
You wanna be emo girl.
God I can’t help but feel sad while I write this
Laughing inside as I rhyme it
Tell me has the message finally hit?
You’re no individualist
:iconzanaris:Zanaris 203 460
Yo el nino perdido
Como me pierdo en tu tempestad de pasión y amor,
la locura de mis sentimientos y el misterio de su amor
Aquí estoy…solo mi corazón
Mis sentimientos son de ti en esta noche tan fría
Y mi alma esta perdida…
Perdida en busca de su amor
Me siento tan triste no tenerte a mi lado
Tu alma me llama como un niño perdido
Eres mi ángel…mi salvación
Y yo…un niño perdido en busca de su amor.
:iconzanaris:Zanaris 1 11
Faith in the hands of an angel
Dejo mi fe en las manos de un ángel
Mi diosa de pasión
dueña de mis pensamientos
dueña de mi corazón.
Una lagrima de inocencia
Un arcángel del amor,
Mi alma es tuya
Dejo todo mi ser a mi ángel
Mi Ángel del amor
Dejo mi fe en las manos de un ángel, mi dulce salvación
Que ni los Ángeles del cielo ni los demonios del infernó
Podrá deshacer de mi ángel
Mi única belleza del amor.
:iconzanaris:Zanaris 2 13
Broken Hand of Twisted Faith
The brush of hot ash touch my face like a mothers caress
Indiscriminate screams of those we oppress
I am the twisted faith of the masses
Dogmatic lies whispered in a saintly fashion
  I am the hand that serves you
I am the hand that breaks you
Bow before your one god true
And show the faith that binds you.
    Dirty saints and burned up martyrs
Hidden behind our puppet pope master
Raise your crosses and scream for salvation
Willing give into this faithful castration.
  Forgive them father for they have sinned
Forgive them father for what they lack within
Hate them father and drown in blood and sin
Damn me father and I shall rise again.
:iconzanaris:Zanaris 5 58
How could you know?
I wish you could see the way I truly feel
But I’ve grown too good at hiding it
I’ve grown too cold to care
I’ve grown…into the thing I hated most
And I rebel in it.
I wish I could tell you how much this hurts
How my heart feels the rose thorns pulling into it
Cutting me
Cutting you
I wish I could cry
I wish I could feel the way I act to be
I lie so good that I even make myself believe
If only I could make you see
If only you would fucking listen
I’m so tired of the same old lines
You’re a great a guy…
And Awesome friend
Perfect in everyway
But I could never love you
Not the way you love me
I’ll laugh with you
I’ll cry with you
But you’re my fuck buddy, my knock around buddy, my one true friend…
The one person who will be there to the bitter end
Ever asked yourself why I am the way I am?
How hard it is to think I can’t feel love again
How I cry myself to sleep, holding onto a cross wishing to be a better man
Who would know, if
:iconzanaris:Zanaris 4 13
I wonder how hard you would scream if I ripped off those wings...
One feather at a time...
And steal away the morality that keeps you held and bound
Let me rip you apart and clean you of guilt with every tear I cry
And we could be together now and forever…or until I make you mine
:iconzanaris:Zanaris 16 17
Perfect Pervert
Pleasure measured in moans and screams
Ecstasy of the warm orgasmic gleam
Rectifying this sexual question
Feeding off my perverted infection
Erotic dominance, hissing out destruction      
Clad in the garments of a slave to the common
Tell me your secrets, I’ll whisper my lies
Innocence will be bled right through your eyes
Over and over till you scream you’ve had enough
Now love me my dear, smile my dear, you’ll learn to like it rough
:iconzanaris:Zanaris 14 40
My God
I don’t believe in your God.
No I’m not an atheist, I’m not a Satanist
I just cannot even begin to imagine a god that would forsake me
For being me
For being strange
For not going to church everyday
For being Gay
For being Muslim
For visiting Buddha
For not screaming out the name of Jehovah
I don’t believe that a certain number of people make it to heaven
I don’t believe that we are the unforgiven
I don’t believe my God is so quick to condemn
My God is love
My God is a beginning never an end
I may not bend my knee and drown in tears
I may not cower in fear of what is mightier then me
I have no need
I don’t wear a cross to mourn for the dead
I wear a cross to celebrate what lived
I’m not a catholic
I’m not a spiritualist
I know nothing of Krishna
I have never met the lady of the forest
But for those who have
For those who might
My god will not forget
Be good
Be just
Forgive and if you can repent
Not to a church
Not to a man
But for you
For yo
:iconzanaris:Zanaris 12 18


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I want to be your Super Villain
Current Residence: Someplace far far in the jungles of Puerto Rico
Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal and anything else that sounds decent, except country music.....
Favourite photographer: Bellz and so many others here, its amazing how many awesome photographers are here
Favourite style of art: Anything that looks purdy
MP3 player of choice: I need one of those..
Shell of choice: Perverted Perfection
Skin of choice: ahhh my own
Favourite cartoon character: Cobra Commander, Xykon from Order of the Stick
Personal Quote: I may not be an angel...but I can make you see god.
My page views are now at 6,666 lol. Spooked me out when I saw it. Just thought I would share.



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i really love your poems i really do and your emo one is amazing your exstremely right we all just really need love
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I am so humbled by your love. Thank you very very much.
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Well.... I hope you can get back into the swing of things, but I understand (:
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One of these days. Thanks for asking though. I might surprise you one day with some random poetry.
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thank you for the :+fav:
It means a loot to me :iconlove1plz::iconlove2plz:
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Lost when the wind blows, on your own"
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